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“Life has only one equation. The equation of giving.”
Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power 

I have been humbled by some very kind donations this week and I am so grateful to those of you who have chosen to do this. You are on my healing list. My love flows out to you without reservation.

Soul-searching over this fundraiser, one very pertinent question that I have been asking myself is “Why should people give their money to help me do this?”

In the world today there are a huge number of situations requiring our urgent assistance. At the forefront of my mind at the moment, as for many, are the Syrian Refugees. Why should people donate to my fundraiser instead of giving money to help those in need of basic requirements for survival? The answer is THEY SHOULD NOT. Give to the refugees and any other causes that seem right to you. Don’t even think about donating to this fundraiser if you think the money should go elsewhere. I have donated, and will continue to do so as needs in the world arise.

This is because I believe in giving. Not just money but time, energy, and most of all love and healing. This is my work, not just my job, it is my calling in life. I had a beautiful experience at a Wellbeing Event in Watford on Saturday. A number of therapists gave their time via the Feel Hot Yoga & Wellbeing tent and free treatments to anybody who wanted one. The number of smiles of relief that we received when clients climbed of the treatment chairs and couches brought us a lot of joy. What a blessing to be a blessing!

Of course we are paid in our day to day business lives as we too want to be independant enough pay our own way in life. But events like this and monthly Reiki Shares, Treatment Exchanges etc mean that we keep in balance and in perspective with ourselves.

The Catalyze Retreat is a major toolbox for me to ensure that my daily giving is channelled efficiently. I need to keep myself in good shape so that I can keep on giving, this will teach me the business side of that equation while nourishing me physically and mentally.

Giving is really the only gift that truly keeps on giving. In the word’s of Abike’s father “I want to leave this world empty. I don’t want to take anything with me. I want to give it all away.”

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