Cherish your blooming body with Feel Pregnancy Yoga

Feel Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga

I’m excited to see that Feel Hot Yoga will be running Pregnancy Yoga Classes starting in February. It is worth emphasising that these classes will be carried out at a standard room temperature rather than a hot studio! It’s lovely to see the studio moving into this area. I practiced Yoga when I was pregnant and it really helped me to maintain my muscle tone, keep my weight down and helped relieve nausea (I eperienced this well in to my second trimester) and physical discomfort.

In my experience the teaching at Feel is at a consistantly high standard and I expect just the same from this Pregnancy class. If you are pregnant and looking for a place to practice in your new blooming body, please check out the flyer attached and visit Feel Hot Yoga website for details.

Feel Yoga Flyer

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