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I was blessed to see #Santana play live last night in Birmingham. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to fully enjoy the gig or not as I’d never intentionally absorbed his music! Turns out it went in though across the years as I knew so much of it. The minute he walked on stage in his white Buddha emblazoned shirt and Fedora my heart leapt and the joy continued throughout the 135 minute gig. Amongst the incredible musicianship of him and his band, I was surprised and delighted to hear a message of love, light and harmony he seemed very eager to impress on us all. Being mainly British the audience was conservative at best, only half of us there got up and had a boogie. I felt it was the least I could offer back for this incredible energy being offered by the musicians on stage. Like Gilly and I were saying, if you’re not going to dance to Santana, who are you going to dance to? In amongst the joy and enthusiasm there was a fair amount of apathy and negativity mingling as there is always in life. Standing up alone I suddenly felt very small and thought “how can I keep my own thoughts high and positive let alone inspiring those around me? How will I have the strength?” Then I remembered of course I am not alone. All of you are out there with one heart, one love, wishing for the best for all; for inspiration, expansion, transformation… My IG angels, followers and followees, my lovely friends and family and colleagues, people I meet by chance and some I will never meet. I thank you for the nourishment of your love and enthusiasm; the inspiration and challenge you provide daily. Thanks for your desire to be the best self you can be, for this changes your life, your friends, your family, your street, your town, your country, your world, your universe

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