Spring Cleanse with Reiki

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Despite the lingering low temperatures, spring is definitely in the air at last! With a little more sun, daffodils rearing their heads and Easter festivities just around the corner I find I’m more than ready for a cleanout.

Following Christmas and New Year many choose to have a digestive detox, but when Spring arrives I find myself choosing to take stock, and clear out and discard/recycle anything that I no longer need (materially and spiritually!). Whilst I get regular half-hour Reiki treatments with my friend and fellow therapist, Elaine, as the seasons shift I find it helpful to have a full-hour’s Reiki to really relax, energise and wash through any cobwebs that I have kept under wraps, and get myself ready to receive the sunshine.
What are your Spring Cleanse habits? I’d love to hear from you. And if you would like to take advantage of one of my Reiki treatments, please contact me, quoting this blog, and I will offer you a 10% discount off the 1hour Reiki or Reiki/Massage treatments as listed.
Peace, love and daffodils!
Shasha 😉
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