Product Recommendation – Sun Chlorella ‘A’

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“High quality chlorella contains basic nutrients for health in abundance”

When reading these kind of sentences it can sometimes be too easy to feel awash with well-being speak. The fact is, with Sun Chlorella ‘A’ it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The product was recommended to me by a lady called Nadine. Nadine is not a therapist, nor a nutritionist, she is just a lovely lady who discovered that taking this supplement had a positive impact on her health – in more ways than claimed by the product!

Of all the Chlorella supplements on the market, Sun Chlorella A is on the upper end price-wise, very good products are also provided by such brands as Pukka and Nature’s Aid. Chlorella is a whole food, lauded for it’s high nutritional content. These nutrients include: essential amino acids, protein, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and carotene. The protein in fact accounts for 60% of the weight.

In addition to this, the technology used to produce the supplements guarantees that cell walls are broken down by 95%, ensuring that all this goodness is absorbable by our bodies.

When I take the product myself I experience less fatigue, higher mental alertness, increased energy and a general feeling of healthiness. Nadine experienced an additional benefit. She had been suffering from neck and lower back pain for some time. After starting on Sun Chlorella ‘A’ this recovered completely! It turns out that a secondary action of the nutrients in chlorella is to have a beneficial effect on connective tissue in the body.

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