The Adventure Within

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“Adventure is not outside (wo)man; it is within.” ~ George Elliot

Here I sit, snuggled under a blanket with a wooly hat on (indoors) to write this post. It has a certain English romanticism to it as I hear the wind bluster outside the window and sip my fennel tea. It seems difficult to believe that this time two days ago I was deep in the Belizean jungle, learning how to make the most out of my business. I know all of us who attended are now feeling the same mixture of excitement about our businesses going forward, gratitude for the unique opportunity offered by the Catalyze Retreat and a certain amount of adjustment in returning to our daily routine.


The reason I chose this retreat and this business coaching was because of the unique combination it offered. All week we were asked to face our mentors and answer questions about our business that were often challenging and asked to make decisions and take action that we may have been too insecure to take, or at least were procrastinating over! The no-nonsense approach was extremely productive. Alongside this coaching, we were asked to undertake physical challenges also to help bed-in the progress we were making with our work. As a kinesthetic learner I know this is extremely effective for me. Each day was kicked off with a 75 minute group yoga practice designed to work and release muscles and build creative energy.


It was an awsome experience and the bond that grew between the seven of us on the course has given us an online community of like-minded companions for mutual support and encouragement along the way. We all came to the retreat at different stages with our business, but despite intitial nerves the respect and supportiveness shown amongst the group meant that we all felt we mapped out concrete steps to take on our return.


I saw some magical things while at Black Rock Lodge. I hiked through jungle to Summit 1, tubed down the Macal River, made friends with a snake, a tarantula and a toad, swam through the Mayan Underworld caves of Actun Tunichil Muknal and visited a natural pool that I have often dreamed of, but didn’t realise actually existed. I was brought deep into contact with my own purpose and asked if my current plans were enough. My companions and mentors helped to show me that I have much more to offer than I had previously thought and that there is a way of working with people so that they can benefit from the experience, skills and wisdom that I have built up over the years.


There is much to be done. Firstly my website will have an overhaul, and then I will be sharing with you all the new ventures I am launching in 2016. I hope you will come along with me for the ride! One thing I learned was that we all need down time, if not simply to rest, then to let creative ideas have a chance to flow. Whatever area you work in, it’s so important to nurture your spirit and creativity. I’m thinking of installing a hammock in my livingroom for this very purpose..


I leave you now with my love. Keep in touch and please let me know your thoughts on my Facebook page!

Love and light

Shasha xxx


“Today I’m a Jaguar”

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I died when I was young

and now I’m vivid again

a thousand knives couldn’t hurt me now

today and before I’m standing tall

I’m standing taller than ever

I am a jaguar

Bold and Brave

deep in my beating heart

Oh today I’m a jaguar

Frida Sundemo

When I first heard the words “I died when I was young and now I’m vivid again” I related in a way that was beyond what was perhaps intended by the artist.

I died when I was young. I don’t mean physically. I couldn’t quite put my finger on when the first death occurred but from a young age I experienced significant periods of crushing depression and anxiety. Every episode of depression is like a period of darkness, a death that you have to live through, not being sure, in the early days, that you will ever rise to the surface again. Through my teenage years I got used to this cycle, and the periods of depression became longer. The connection between my inner self and the physical life I was living became more and more tenuous as I struggled to function in a society that prefers sunshine to darkness. And why wouldn’t it? I carried the dark intensity around with me like a gravitational pull. It became heavier and heavier. I tried many things to lighten up my life and some of them worked for a while. Some things were like a gentle afternoon sun, warming me temporarily leaving me emotional polaroids of happy days; others like flashes of lightning that brought energy and power for an instant but ultimately left scars.

Only now am I beginning to feel vivid again. Since returning to my yoga practice in 2012 and finding within it’s broad spectrum of practices tools that can actually aid me in not only finding but facing my own internal workings things have started to change. You may look at me and think – that girl has it sorted – but if you think that I no longer experience depression you are mistaken. The difference is that now I acknowledge that this is a temporary state, just the same as happiness, pleasure or pain. All these guests visit our house (our body) at different times. As Rumi suggests, we should welcome them all. Each one has something to teach. You don’t let them come in a ransack your house. No, sit them down and offer them a cup of tea and ask them what it is they want to talk to you about. The work is hard, facing my fears has me up and down like a yo-yo from week to week, but I keep my practice consistent and know that I am not my feelings.

With each day that I acknowledge the messages being sent to me by my body chemistry I romance my Spirit further and begin to experience that integration between spirit and body that creates the VIVID in our lives. You know when something inspires you, as though it had reached down inside your body and drawn your spirit up through the gaps? Some things just crack you right open and the light shines out of you like a beacon. Consider working with those things. This is what I am doing in my life now. I am working with the things that make me vivid, because they are the things that connect me to myself and make me a clear channel through which others may experience their own light.

I haven’t mentioned my business development to Belize yet because I know if you have been reading my blogs since September, that you know what I’m talking about. If you’d like to read back, please be my guest. If you’d like to donate to my personal fundraiser, please access it via the links below.

Most important to me right now is that you discover that you are a jaguar. Maybe you can relate to my experience of depression. If so please click on the Relate link below if you haven’t yet sought professional help. These people are really great. The vivid comes in flashes which give us the opportunity to recognise how life can be when we reverse the chemical polarity in which we may be caught. Whatever the reasons for our dark places, please know that things can be different. It’s not easy but with persistence we can transform ourselves. Nobody on earth can do it for us. One day soon I hope you will find that you are heading towards your goal with boldness and bravery, feeling the vivid life of spirit and passion flowing through your rippling muscles.

Say whatever come what may

nothing will stand in my way

I am a jaguar

today I’m a jaguar

To seek help for depression & anxiety Click Here or here

To donate to the fundraiser click here

Click here for more info on The Catalyze Retreat


What’s this about Belize?

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What’s this about Belize?

I used to be the girl who never had a plan..” Little Dragon

Dear Friends,

Have you ever seen or read something that hit you in the face so hard you couldn’t ignore it? Suddenly all your dormant dreams rise to the surface together with your personal fears and create a swirling vortex around you. When I stumbled across Catalyze retreat it was as though someone was reaching a hand down into that vortex and offering to pull me up. I had a vision of the possible future I had barely dared to believe positioned tantalisingly over the rim of the swirling mayhem.

Since posting my campaign to social media I have had a number of people approach me to ask “What’s this about Belize?” They would like to know what I expect to get out of it, and the underlying (politely unspoken) question is “Why should we help you with this?”

First let me clarify that I do not expect a free ride on a self-indulgent trip. I am dedicated to making this trip happen with or without the help and support of others. This has always been my approach in life. There is no ‘should’ when it comes to helping me, if you wish to support me, you will, if you do not you wont. There is a deeper issue at stake here. One of the important things I intend to get out of this trip is to


Fear #1 : Asking for help

I have received a lot of help over the years from many different quarters, most often my friends and family. I have appreciated it and shown this appreciation every single time. It was not easy for me to accept the help offered but I had to acknowledge that it was necessary for me to move forward, and that I am not a one-woman-band.

Limit your wants, meet your needs” – Gandhi

A lovely client quoted this to me when I was speaking to her about the trip and my plans to raise funds. I love it because it perfectly embodies my plan of action to ensure that the goal is met. I work very hard at everything I do, believing that I should give 100% to my clients at all times. This is the same whether I am providing a deep tissue massage, a healing session, or teaching a yoga class. I believe I am there to help and to heal. Try me! Donate and leave me a request on Facebook and I will perform a distance healing for you personally.

Over the years I have sought comfort in food, social activities and shopping to name a few. These things became a pacifier for unmet needs rather than something healthy and enjoyable. However I have come to a place now where I realise that there is very little that I require materially to be content. The additional motivation of the Self-development opportunity I need offered by Catalyze really crystallises this for me and keeps me from being distracted.

Fear #2 : Other people’s opinions

If we all did the things we are really capable of dong, we would literally astound ourselves” – Thomas Edison

I’m not a self-indulgent person. I work hard as I have said. However in launching this campaign I have had to acknowledge anew how much I still care what other people – even strangers think of me. This has been one of the most limiting factors in my personal development. This fear could be broken down into many different expressions: Fear of being considered selfish, of rejection, of not being good enough, of disappointing others, of being mocked. It all boils down to the same thing. I have valued other people’s opinion of me more highly than my own. There are times when I have genuinely disappointed myself in life, but there are many other times when I have allowed outside influence to sway me away from what I know to be the best path for me when I should have trusted my own compass. This will not be one of those times. I have no criticism either way on what people think or speak of me but I had to put this out there to prove to myself that it doesn’t matter to me whether anyone else approves of what I consider to be honourable intentions.

Fear #3 : Failure

This fear is common to most of us, so I know I am not alone in this. The suspicion that I cannot do any better than this, and that I will always be working fingers to the bone just to pay the bills while trying to rustle up some extra energy to be a loving parent, friend and girlfriend is bleak to say the least. I’ve worked around this fear for years. I’m no stranger to failure really, but I dust myself off and try again.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

I am very fortunate that I have now found what I can confidently state is my purpose in life. After trying many things for work and leisure I have found something that I do not want to give up EVER. I never want to stop giving healing energy to people, I never want to stop helping people to feel better and improve their lives. What comes first though is to create of myself a clear and sustainable channel of that energy. Catalyze is going to help me do this. Failure can become my friend as it teaches me the direction not to go in. I am extremely grateful for that.

Fear #4 : Being a burden

As babies we start as a burden and a blessing. My beautiful parents would never regret a single ounce of energy, love and yes, money they have expended on my behalf. As I have grown I have felt a strong desire to become less of a burden and more of a blessing in my personal relationships and on society. I wish to be the superhero, I want to provide for those who have provided for me in my infancy and into adulthood.

When I was 10 years old, my parents unselfishly gave up their opportunity of any kind of career to serve the needs of others in the Middle East. They returned to the UK when my Dad reached retirement age and my Mum redesigned and re-qualified herself as a foot-care specialist to support them. Even in her work she is giving again and again. There is only so much longer this will be possible. It’s hard work and she does this despite having suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for many years.

I feel it really is my turn. Facing this fear and turning it around is not an option, it is a necessity, and this very special team of people on the Catalyze Retreat are offering the resources I need to make these kind of level-jump in my business.

Fears aside, opening this door already seems to have caused a shift in my life patterns. This past week I have been contacted by two people offering work opportunities which I am excited to be a part of. If even the act of setting this intention to attend the Catalyze trip has brought positive opportunities to my doorstep, who am I to back out now. Like Edison, I shall always try, just one more time.

To donate visit

To learn more about Catalyze visit

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7 pains yogis shouldn’t ignore during practise

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“Listen to your body.”

It’s a common request from yoga teachers, but what does it really mean? For a newcomer to yoga, it may seem like a very alien concept.

Read more here.

Make every day the best day of your life!

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I was blessed to see #Santana play live last night in Birmingham. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to fully enjoy the gig or not as I’d never intentionally absorbed his music! Turns out it went in though across the years as I knew so much of it. The minute he walked on stage in his white Buddha emblazoned shirt and Fedora my heart leapt and the joy continued throughout the 135 minute gig. Amongst the incredible musicianship of him and his band, I was surprised and delighted to hear a message of love, light and harmony he seemed very eager to impress on us all. Being mainly British the audience was conservative at best, only half of us there got up and had a boogie. I felt it was the least I could offer back for this incredible energy being offered by the musicians on stage. Like Gilly and I were saying, if you’re not going to dance to Santana, who are you going to dance to? In amongst the joy and enthusiasm there was a fair amount of apathy and negativity mingling as there is always in life. Standing up alone I suddenly felt very small and thought “how can I keep my own thoughts high and positive let alone inspiring those around me? How will I have the strength?” Then I remembered of course I am not alone. All of you are out there with one heart, one love, wishing for the best for all; for inspiration, expansion, transformation… My IG angels, followers and followees, my lovely friends and family and colleagues, people I meet by chance and some I will never meet. I thank you for the nourishment of your love and enthusiasm; the inspiration and challenge you provide daily. Thanks for your desire to be the best self you can be, for this changes your life, your friends, your family, your street, your town, your country, your world, your universe

Yoga Tuition from Shasharishi

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Yoga Tuition - The next step on the Shasharishi Journey!

After two years of deliberation I finally decided last autumn that over all the other possibilities I really wanted to carry out my Yoga Teacher Training with Feel Hot Yoga. Feel have won a new business award recently and having taken part in my first teacher training weekend a couple of weeks ago I can delightedly confirm that the quality of the course is top notch. Practicing in the 40 degree heat and humidity of the studio 3-4 times a week is both challenging and inspiring. An abundant collection of teachers such as Matt Gluck of Pranasana Yoga, Eliane Codiroli, Charlotte Peers, David Tidd of Yoga 4 All, Anita Tambala, Dee Delaney, Marianne Williams and of course Nina Sebastiane of Feel bring a rich variety of experience and perspective to the studio timetable and my body LOVES it! Training to teach myself is the fulfillment of a longheld dream.

I am already teaching small groups of people as I progress through my course. If you are interested in a group or private session, please give me a call on the usual number 07854 157 234.

Love & Light!

Love Yoga Clothing? – Rita Hraiz storms the scene

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Rita Hraiz Yoga Lunghi

I have fallen in love. Not with a person, a lifestyle, a pursuit, but with the Yoga Lunghi from Rita Hraiz. Visit Love Yoga Clothing and your sight will be assailed by the carefully chosen hues of Rita Hraiz’s new collection. A colour therapist amongst other things, Rita has infused her recent collection with a veritable rainbow to compliment the silk-soft, beautifully draped jersey creations that will take the yogi from breakfast, to practice to leisure without batting an eyelid.

Why so effusive? Well I haven’t been offered anything for free I assure you ;). Rather I noticed the collection advertised in Om Yoga Magazine preceeding the Om Yoga Show in October and took the opportunity to try the Lunghi when I visited the stand. I was able to experience first hand the vibrant colours, the baby-soft fabrics and the stunning drape of Rita’s peices that seem to flatter every shape equally. The lunghi is a reworking of the traditional male trouser garment (a development of the thai pant, more sophisticated), which is closer to a long short than a trouser. I was asked to demonstrate the garment’s behaviour in an inversion, so I obliged with a handstand which I executed and exited with my dignity very much intact. As soon as I put the lunghi on I wanted very much to keep it on! In my view it is the perfect garment for the busy yogini/mum/therapist/enter-your-role-here as it is pretty and feminine while at the same time comfortable, flexible and adaptable. It is as attractive as a skirt with all the practicality of a trouser or short without the restriction. Love at first sight does indeed exist.

Not content with producing beautiful, functional garments, Rita has dedicated her sponsorship to Lama Khenpo Chimed Rinpoche and his work of providing for over 100 mostly orphaned Tibetan Monks and Nuns.

There is a catch. These beautiful garments do come with a high-end price tag even for yoga wear. However, the high quality of fabric and design combined with the charitable and ethical stance of the company cause me to urge you to indulge if you are able, as Rita’s collection may as well have been made in heaven! See it for yourself at Love Yoga Clothing against the suitably Tibetan background of bamboo canes and see if you don’t fall in love…

The Flow of Things

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With my Yoga Teacher Training at Feel Feel Hot Yoga coming up next April I have been practicing a great deal and reading around the subject in texts such as the Tao Te Ching. The idea of moving in ‘the flow’ of The Tao, Life or Universal Energy has therefore been rolling around my mind a great deal. This morning as I was driving to the Feel studio to open up I had the image of a car entering a motorway from a slip road. The car has to adjust its approach to feed into faster moving traffic. This takes observation, judgement, skill. Remember the first time you did it as an inexperienced driver? Moving in the energetic flow is less about speed and more about harmonising with the energy of life, which is what we aim to attain through our Yoga, meditation and Martial Arts practices. With flow there is no fear of physical disaster as with driving on the motorway if we misjudge the stream! But it’s worth giving thought to the effect of our resistance to the flow of things. There is much in life I cannot change, even if I desperately want to. My resistance to this causes me pain. Now I am no sage but over time (I’m a slow learner!) I conclude that this resistance is not only pointless but draining to me and those who live alongside me. Let’s go with the flow. Peace & Love Shasha x


Welcome to Shasharishi

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you are looking for deep relaxation or remedial sports massage you have come to the right place. Whether you need relief from aching muscles or sports injuries, assistance with gaining more satisfying sleep, or simply wish to treat yourself to a much-needed pampering our treatments will certainly hit the spot.

Not only can massage help with rehabilitation and injury prevention, massage is an ancient art practiced and developed through the centuries that improves circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can also benefit those suffering from stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains – even anxiety and depression.

Techniques we apply are:

•Deep tissue work
•Passive stretches
•Energy Balancing (Reiki)
•Advanced Sports Massage techniques

Please see our treatments page to decide which treatment is best suited to your needs. Alternatively give us a call now for a free telephone consultation and assistance with making your choice.

Contact Sha Sha today: 07854 157 234

Spring Cleanse with Reiki

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Despite the lingering low temperatures, spring is definitely in the air at last! With a little more sun, daffodils rearing their heads and Easter festivities just around the corner I find I’m more than ready for a cleanout.

Following Christmas and New Year many choose to have a digestive detox, but when Spring arrives I find myself choosing to take stock, and clear out and discard/recycle anything that I no longer need (materially and spiritually!). Whilst I get regular half-hour Reiki treatments with my friend and fellow therapist, Elaine, as the seasons shift I find it helpful to have a full-hour’s Reiki to really relax, energise and wash through any cobwebs that I have kept under wraps, and get myself ready to receive the sunshine.
What are your Spring Cleanse habits? I’d love to hear from you. And if you would like to take advantage of one of my Reiki treatments, please contact me, quoting this blog, and I will offer you a 10% discount off the 1hour Reiki or Reiki/Massage treatments as listed.
Peace, love and daffodils!
Shasha 😉
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